Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The most magical place on earth.... Target!

We all do it. Walk in for a toothbrush, walk out with 2 new pairs of skinnies and a nude nail polish. This is the generic Target post. Currently lusting after, and sitting patiently in my online shopping cart are these gems:

Those shoes. I die. And the hubby approved them so I should just click "proceed to checkout" right?!? They will be mine sooner or later. Promise. Unfortunately that cute little tank isn't available online anymore so I have to track it down in a store. Yellow is the color of summer and those skinnies could be paired with a white tee and that purple beaded necklace for an easy casual weekend look. The piping on this teal dress is amazeballs and would look great with those shoes below it. Its a win-win. And who isn't in the market for some comfy jean shorts?

My bank account thanks me every time I click out of the Target tab without proceeding to checkout. My closet is a sad panda.

Anywho, it was my first week back to work and I have been busy documenting my OOTDs. Stay tuned for that post later this week. What are you lusting after at Tar-jay??

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday Celebration Recap


Sunday marked our first wedding anniversary, in case you missed that long ass post. Paul and I celebrated by sleeping in and eating Mexican food. Two of our favorite things!

We bought each other gifts and if these items don't go to show our personalities to the fullest, I don't know what will.

Yes, I bought him N.O. Xplode. A pre-workout supplement, natch.

And he bought me these beauties that I posted earlier in the week on Instagram.

Which I promptly wore out for dinner that evening!! 

[ Dress, Nordstrom 2012. Similar here & here ] [ Necklace, Forever 21, old. Similar]
[ Bag, Betsy Johnson. On sale. Similar ] [ Shoes, Sam & Libby ]

The dress I am wearing is the same one I wore to marry my mister last year. As is common with the military, we weren't given much time to throw an epic wedding on the day we legally became husband and wife. So we did the nontraditional thing and got married in Texas (where Paul was at the time) by a retired Army chaplain. We then went on to throw (with the monetary backing of my parents) an epic wedding 2 months ago on Memorial day weekend so we could get married in a church, surround by friends and family, followed by a party no one will soon forget. I promise those pictures are coming soon as my photog just texted me she finished editing and the disc is on its way!!!!!!

Happy hump day y'all!!

Whats happening in your neck of the woods??

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Year 1


Can you believe it? We have officially been married for a year already! This year has provided us with  ups and downs, good and bad, tears and laughs, but most of all love. It is soo crazy to me to think that a year ago we trucked on over to the courthouse in good ol' Texas and tied the knot. Little did we know what was in store for us as a military family.

We spent the first 6 months of marriage apart. Pure craziness looking back on it now, but we did it. After finishing up in Texas we got the nod to head to Georgia. The holidays were crazy trying to see everyone and pack everything up for our trip. At that time we didn't know where we would be for how long, but I was ecstatic to be reunited with you.

The road trip south was an interesting one. Trekking across the entire country provided some breathtaking scenery. How many people can say they were in 4 states all in one day? Check that off the bucket list! You drove for 53/55 hours. Thank you for allowing me to attempt to drive the truck with the car on a tow dolly behind. I will never need to relive those 2 hours of anxiety again.

Arriving in Georgia was both thrilling and stressful. I had no job and therefore no outlet besides housework. We both know I don't thoroughly enjoy those tasks. Being creatures of habit we stuck to our little town that resembles home and settled in quite nicely. I made a few friends that I won't ever forget and heard a tornado warning siren for the first time! The bugs, heat and food were very different but we found our groove and appreciated the time spent in the peach state.

Then it all changed. You came home with a verrrry serious face and said guess where we are going next. I thought I might throw up. We had finally accepted life in the south and to go through another transition to somewhere that could be worse (Fort Polk) was not something I was ready to hear. Then you dropped the bomb. The holy grail of PCSs for (most) military families. We were going HOME! At first I thought it was a cruel joke. I waited about a week to hear that it was a mistake. Then hope creeped in. And finally reality hit. Most people would start planning a move and get organized a few weeks prior. But we also had that kick ass wedding to throw the week before our move date.

Our wedding was quite possibly the best one to have ever taken place in history. I may be a little biased. It was a whirlwind trip home and once we have pictures I can accurately relive that day! Some people look back and state the things they would do different or change about their big day. Not me. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Drama happens, especially with alcohol. But I was never one of those brides that thought my wedding day would be perfect. Check out of fantasy land ladies!!

Back to Georgia we went, moving ensued, and another road trip where I did not attempt to drive at all!

Here we are. Home sweet home in the Evergreen state. How much more happy, blessed, thankful, relieved could we be? Looking back on that first year is amazing. We did it and it was so easy even with all the military wrenches in our life plan. Life with you is easy. Easy is the best word because we just fit.You are my best friend and I know each passing year of marriage will only get better. Thank you for still being the patient, hardworking, sacrificing, hilarious, hunk of man I married one year ago. Marriage is hard, but in you I have found the person I want to navigate this crazy thing called life. Here is to many more years of bliss together.

Now lets go get some damn Mexican food! The one thing we will ALWAYS agree on!!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

'tis the season

No, no! Its not the holiday season, but for me it is dress season. For some reason, perhaps the 5-6 months of Northwest rain, I don't pull on many dresses during the winter season. So I take full advantage of our glorious summers and use it as my excuse to wear dresses  as much as possible. To kick off my first post here at LPAL, here are a few dresses I am dying to add to my closet:

[1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]

The black button up dress is so me. The hint of pattern, slightly preppy collar,  and fit just screams "buy me"! I think this dress would transition over to fall with my ivory blazer thrown over and booties. And could even make it through winter by adding tights if I feel brave.

I have been looking for the perfect maxi dress and this fits the bill. I like the lace detailing around straps and transition onto the back for something different. Pairing it with my jean vest would add a little more edge.

How cute is that bow? Definitely a date night dress. Cobalt makes me happy! Perfection.

I wish you could see the detailing on #4 better. The crocheted top is so cute and girly. Yellow is so hard to find which is soo odd to me. Its a summer must-have color in my book.

My hubbie hates peplums. Hate may be a strong word but "its not his favorite". How many wives have heard that before?! This little beauty is so playful to me. Polka dots and pink? Hello school girl crush!

Unfortunately I couldn't find a tribal or Aztec print dress I loved. Anyone got the lowdown on one of those bad boys?