Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day to Night: Neon


[Tee-Target] [Vest-H&M] [Skinnies-H&M] [Purse-Macy's]
[Boots-Forever 21][Necklace-Forever 21]


[Tee-Target] [Jacket-Forever 21] [Clutch-Forever 21]
[Skinnies-H&M] [Heels-ShoeDazzle] [Necklace-Forever 21]

I am kicking myself for not picking up more of these neon t-shirts from tar-jay. I absolutely love this one for a pop of color with my otherwise neutral shades. Add a black leather jacket for some edginess or a military inspired vest and you are set to brave the fall chill! I wore this first outfit to run errands with my bff on Saturday and changed into heels for dinner that night. This was my first and only neon item and as you can tell, I am easing into this trend (better late than never). But I am addicted and want to incorporate more!

Do you love neon? How brave have you been with neon purchases? What is your best neon find?

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PS today is my Friday!!!! Vegas bound tomorrow!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Wishlist

Even though October is halfway over, I compiled a few items I hope to pick up between now and the end of the month.
I think I have finally found THEE pair of boyfriend jeans I want! Slightly distressed and a darker hue makes these babies perfect.

Statement Sweaters are trending all over blogland and this foxy print fits me!

I saw this top over here worn by this blogger, and I have to have it! It seems so versatile and the color is to die for.

Just like sweaters, statement necklaces are popping up everywhere. I can see so many outfit rotations with this bold one.
Oh faux leather how I heart you! Dressy but edgy is always a good combo.

Camo goes with everything right?!!? I need to bite the bullet and just buy these babies already.

The other day I realized my lack of black pumps and I think these sassy ones will do perfectly.

I think all of these pieces can be mixed and create multiple outfits. Who knows, maybe I will hit the jackpot in Vegas this weekend and go on a shopping spree!! A girl can dream right?!?!!

Happy hump day and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lace + Leopard

[Top-Forever 21] [Skirt-Forever 21] [Booties-Target]
[Clutch-Forever 21] [All Accessories-Forever 21]

Don't you love those days when you just get up and throw on an outfit and it works perfectly?! Today was one of those days! This lace top will be on repeat in the colder months and this skirt is clearly a staple. I can't wait to start wearing tights!! We have finally had true fall weather lately that calls for long sleeves and booties.

Still counting down for Vegas on Friday, but putting in extra hours at work is making the week drag. UGH! Fingers crossed the next 2 days fly by!
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New/Old Beauty Find

Happy, happy, happy Monday all! Why is it a happy Monday? In t-minus 4 days I will be sitting by a pool, sipping an alcoholic beverage, and working on my tan in VEGAS! I know most Mondays suck, but this one isn't so bad as its more like a Tuesday for me.
Plus this weekend was filled with all kinds of girly stuff that just make my heart happy. Saturday my bff came up and kept me company while the hubby worked. It was glorious! ULTA trips and beauty maintenance all packed with bff chatter.
I was introduced to a few new products and I am updating my recommended beauty products list.
The focus today is the bareMinerals facial powder kit. I know this product isn't new to many of you but it was a new one for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I think a loose powder could give me so much coverage! I am using the "Get Started" kit that is customizable and found here at ULTA. I officially understand the hype behind this product! I was using a BB cream, but feel like it made me extremely white! I even had the skin color test done at Sephora and that was the brand/color recommended. The powder is so light and easy to apply. I am extremely lucky and have very good skin, but my bff has had acne problems and uses this type of application too.
What you get:
Original Foundation, Warmth All-Over Face Color, & Mineral Veil
(plus brushes and a foundation primer with the kit)
I am a makeup newbie so all you BM users know how great this product is. If you haven't tried it, I highly encourage you give it a shot. It looks like a lot of items to apply to your face, but it takes about 3 minutes once you have it down! The middle item looks dark so I barely use any and only on my cheek bones for some color. Start with the foundation and add the highlights with the All-Over face color on your cheekbones. Apply everything else i.e. eye makeup and finish with the mineral veil to set everything. I strayed away from this brand as it seemed pricey to me, but I can already tell it will last me at least 4-6 months. The kit costs $62 so divide by 5 months and you get a $12.40 per month cost. That's a steal in my eyes!

I am thinking about posting a tutorial just to show how freaking easy this kit is to use!!
Let me know what you think.

And to spread the love on this Monday, here are a few blogger outfits I am loving today

Citrus Refreshing Fashion

Because of Jackie

Cashmere in Style

Bedazzles After Dark

La Mariposa

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Friday, October 11, 2013


This black pencil skirt will be on repeat the next few months. Confession: I bought the same skirt in oxblood! I have never been much of a skirt person. I think I always felt disproportionate with the layering. Maybe I am finally feeling comfortable in my own skin. Body image is a subject I have hesitantly mulled around in my head on whether to post about it or not. Obviously it made the list and I think it will help me flourish as a blogger. 
 [Tee-Forever 21] [Skirt-Forever 21] [Heels-Kohl's]
[Clutch-Forever 21] [Necklace-Forever 21]

I was slow to even start a style/fashion blog simply for the fact that I would be required want to post pictures of my outfits. This insecurity alone made me question my ability to blog as I often question my ability to wear a new trend. I worried about that bulge that always seems to pop up when I wear a skirt, my arms in a tank tops, my flat hair, or my basic weight in general. Just listing those things makes me cringe. I should love myself just the way I am and if I don't, get up and do something about it. So I guess you can say I did. I started this blog.

I have always wondered how fashion bloggers do it. Look so happy/content/confident in every post! But we are all only human right? Every one has insecurities whether they share them or not. By documenting my outfits I hope to stop picking apart what I see wrong in a photo and start appreciating what I got.

I can pinpoint the exact situation that started all the insecurities. Back in high school, when I was a 125lbs (at 5'8), I was recruited by a modeling agency. I went down for a test shoot and later on had to listen to the top exec explain to me why I couldn't do run-way and why I wouldn't work for this or that porject/brand. At that moment I should have asked why they even recruited me! But being the insecure highschooler I was, I took it all in and doubted myself. 

From that point on I focused on success that was achieved by hard work. I never wanted to be complimented on my outside appearance because that meant I was just a pretty face. I wanted to be taken seriously for my work ethic and not something as simple as genetics. I have slowly learned that when you put yourself down on the outside it doesn't benefit you internally either. You really have to accept yourself for who and what you are as a complete package.

I finally like myself when I look in the mirror. It has only taken me 26 years, but I honestly think you have to grow into your own skin. I can also attribute it to my husband and his constant support. I found a guy that makes me feel great no matter what I am wearing. I also want my step-daughter to be able to accept a compliment without putting herself down afterwards. I no longer have to impress anyone but myself. Have you found your self-confidence? What helped you feel beautiful?

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Woooooah! It has been a hot minute since I have tapped my finger across these keys. You know those weekends when you are rushing from one thing to another and have zero time for yourself? Well this past one was exactly like that for me. So now that I have my life back in order its back to this creative outlet. This blog is truly the time I set aside for me. I love sharing outfits, linking up with other bloggers, and having a place to share random thoughts and be inspired by other amazing people. Why do you blog? What makes it worth your while to devote time out of your day to share things with other random people?

I almost gave this flannel away because its one of those tops I bought in my heavier-fresh-outta-college days. But for some reason (call me a hoarder) I held onto it. 

[Flannel-Target, old] [Skinnies-Target] [Wedges-Target] 

At first I felt like a lumberjack rocking flannel. Once I tucked in the top and threw on some wedges, it made me love this button up even more. I am extremely glad I didn't pass it onto Goodwill. 

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Two of My Favorite Things!

Today is a quickie.
In case you didn't already know, I love leopard print and chambray.

Dress-Old, Chambray-Target (old), Wedges-Target (old),
Necklace-Forever 21

You have a chambray button up? You have a dress? Put them together and you have an easy-peezy outfit! Your welcome! :)

I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday!! Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OOTD & Brain Dump

[Dress worn as Top-Forever 21, old] [ Skirt-Target] [Heels-Nordstrom]
[Necklace-Forever 21, old]

  • Fact: I pretty much LOVE to wear too short dresses as tops tucked into skirts. 
  • So I just got my nails done on Saturday and I already want to change the color. I went with my usual red and can't wait to try an emerald or navy hue next time! I love the deeper colors called for by fall.
  • Fingers crossed for all those government people affected by the shutdown that Congress can get it together. Paul had been warned that his mid-month pay might be on hold for a few days due to budgets, but thankfully yesterday they decided against that action. We would be OK as I work full-time and get a weekly paycheck, but I know most military families rely on a single income.
  • I can really relate to this blogger and this post. I love reading her blog for her honesty (one of the many reasons I follow her).
  • VEGAS in t-minus 2 weeks and 2 days. Sitting pool side with an alcoholic beverage never sounded so good. The weather around here has been a nightmare! The transition from summer to fall hasn't been its usual glorious self. Rain, rain, and more rain. YUCK.
  • My husband is an avid motocross follower (he raced most of his life and went pro for a few years) so that is our main reason for heading to Vegas. I am new to the fume-filled world of motocross, but support my husband's obsession dedication to the sport. One question comes to my mind once we purchased tickets: what does one wear to a motocross race? I think I am going with a boyfriend tee, destroyed denim and a wedge sneaker. Sound legit?!!
Happy hump day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Black on Black

[Top-Forever 21] [Skinnies-Target] [Booties-Forever 21] 
[Necklace-Forever 21] [Clutch-Forever 21]

First off can I get a high-five for making it through Monday? Whew, glad that's over! Let's just skip right on past Tuesday-Thursday and jump straight to the weekend again. Mmmmkay it's a deal!

Anyways....I never realized how ghostly I was until I wore all black! It is what it is right?!! I tend to gravitate towards more neutral colors and this palette is a favorite of mine. All black is so slimming and chic. I can't help but throw it on with some kind of statement jewelry or fun shoe. Plus it doesn't take much effort on those days I am running behind.

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Wedding part Duex

So because its Monday and my brain isn't working yet, here is the second piece in the 3-part posts of wedding pictures.This is mostly formals and favorites.

First Look!

Annnd this happened!

 Our awesome wedding party

 L-R: My cousin, my sister, me (duh), my daughter, and Paul's sister
L-R: Paul's friend (he introduced us because he was dating my bff), Paul's cousin, Paul (duh), Paul's friend, Paul's son

Our little family

What a hunk!!

 The two people that made this day so incredibly special

 I have a really BIG family!

Paul's side

 This church was beautiful. The cross reminding us throughout the ceremony to keep God at the center of our marriage.

 The historic hotel.

Happiness. This is the booth were we met for the first time!

I could look at these pictures all day. I love seeing other people's special day too! Do you have a post(s) about your wedding? I would love to read...
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