Friday, October 11, 2013


This black pencil skirt will be on repeat the next few months. Confession: I bought the same skirt in oxblood! I have never been much of a skirt person. I think I always felt disproportionate with the layering. Maybe I am finally feeling comfortable in my own skin. Body image is a subject I have hesitantly mulled around in my head on whether to post about it or not. Obviously it made the list and I think it will help me flourish as a blogger. 
 [Tee-Forever 21] [Skirt-Forever 21] [Heels-Kohl's]
[Clutch-Forever 21] [Necklace-Forever 21]

I was slow to even start a style/fashion blog simply for the fact that I would be required want to post pictures of my outfits. This insecurity alone made me question my ability to blog as I often question my ability to wear a new trend. I worried about that bulge that always seems to pop up when I wear a skirt, my arms in a tank tops, my flat hair, or my basic weight in general. Just listing those things makes me cringe. I should love myself just the way I am and if I don't, get up and do something about it. So I guess you can say I did. I started this blog.

I have always wondered how fashion bloggers do it. Look so happy/content/confident in every post! But we are all only human right? Every one has insecurities whether they share them or not. By documenting my outfits I hope to stop picking apart what I see wrong in a photo and start appreciating what I got.

I can pinpoint the exact situation that started all the insecurities. Back in high school, when I was a 125lbs (at 5'8), I was recruited by a modeling agency. I went down for a test shoot and later on had to listen to the top exec explain to me why I couldn't do run-way and why I wouldn't work for this or that porject/brand. At that moment I should have asked why they even recruited me! But being the insecure highschooler I was, I took it all in and doubted myself. 

From that point on I focused on success that was achieved by hard work. I never wanted to be complimented on my outside appearance because that meant I was just a pretty face. I wanted to be taken seriously for my work ethic and not something as simple as genetics. I have slowly learned that when you put yourself down on the outside it doesn't benefit you internally either. You really have to accept yourself for who and what you are as a complete package.

I finally like myself when I look in the mirror. It has only taken me 26 years, but I honestly think you have to grow into your own skin. I can also attribute it to my husband and his constant support. I found a guy that makes me feel great no matter what I am wearing. I also want my step-daughter to be able to accept a compliment without putting herself down afterwards. I no longer have to impress anyone but myself. Have you found your self-confidence? What helped you feel beautiful?

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  1. You have such an incredible story! It took a while to find my self it is for any girl growing up. It wasn't until I graduated college and stuck with some amazing friends, that I realized I am who I am. So excited to be following your blog now and make sure to stop by mine for a chance to win a $50 giftcard to Nordstrom!


  2. I think most of us have to learn it the hard way. Thx for sharing your story. How long? Well I guess I am still not there. You know how it is, some days yeah! and some days just nay! blogging helps me in a way, tho.
    Love your outfit. So classy and yet casual. Love the heels and the tee is so darling.
    p.s. love you to check out my blog and if you like it why not following each other by GFC ?! ;-)

    have a lovely day