Monday, October 14, 2013

New/Old Beauty Find

Happy, happy, happy Monday all! Why is it a happy Monday? In t-minus 4 days I will be sitting by a pool, sipping an alcoholic beverage, and working on my tan in VEGAS! I know most Mondays suck, but this one isn't so bad as its more like a Tuesday for me.
Plus this weekend was filled with all kinds of girly stuff that just make my heart happy. Saturday my bff came up and kept me company while the hubby worked. It was glorious! ULTA trips and beauty maintenance all packed with bff chatter.
I was introduced to a few new products and I am updating my recommended beauty products list.
The focus today is the bareMinerals facial powder kit. I know this product isn't new to many of you but it was a new one for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I think a loose powder could give me so much coverage! I am using the "Get Started" kit that is customizable and found here at ULTA. I officially understand the hype behind this product! I was using a BB cream, but feel like it made me extremely white! I even had the skin color test done at Sephora and that was the brand/color recommended. The powder is so light and easy to apply. I am extremely lucky and have very good skin, but my bff has had acne problems and uses this type of application too.
What you get:
Original Foundation, Warmth All-Over Face Color, & Mineral Veil
(plus brushes and a foundation primer with the kit)
I am a makeup newbie so all you BM users know how great this product is. If you haven't tried it, I highly encourage you give it a shot. It looks like a lot of items to apply to your face, but it takes about 3 minutes once you have it down! The middle item looks dark so I barely use any and only on my cheek bones for some color. Start with the foundation and add the highlights with the All-Over face color on your cheekbones. Apply everything else i.e. eye makeup and finish with the mineral veil to set everything. I strayed away from this brand as it seemed pricey to me, but I can already tell it will last me at least 4-6 months. The kit costs $62 so divide by 5 months and you get a $12.40 per month cost. That's a steal in my eyes!

I am thinking about posting a tutorial just to show how freaking easy this kit is to use!!
Let me know what you think.

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Enjoy and happy reading! Thanks for stopping by.


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