Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Woooooah! It has been a hot minute since I have tapped my finger across these keys. You know those weekends when you are rushing from one thing to another and have zero time for yourself? Well this past one was exactly like that for me. So now that I have my life back in order its back to this creative outlet. This blog is truly the time I set aside for me. I love sharing outfits, linking up with other bloggers, and having a place to share random thoughts and be inspired by other amazing people. Why do you blog? What makes it worth your while to devote time out of your day to share things with other random people?

I almost gave this flannel away because its one of those tops I bought in my heavier-fresh-outta-college days. But for some reason (call me a hoarder) I held onto it. 

[Flannel-Target, old] [Skinnies-Target] [Wedges-Target] 

At first I felt like a lumberjack rocking flannel. Once I tucked in the top and threw on some wedges, it made me love this button up even more. I am extremely glad I didn't pass it onto Goodwill. 

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