Saturday, August 17, 2013

Look of the week #1

I am going to attempt commit to a weekly post that showcases one outfit I would love to add to my closet. This weeks pick is below and brought to you entirely by *gasp* Forever 21 (I can't help that I love a bargain).

TGIF!!! High-five for Friday friends! This weekend is shaping up to be a somewhat busy but not clap-my-hands-exciting one. Paul has to work his first weekend (of many) so Saturday I am getting things checked off my to-do list. Wedding Thank Yous designed/ordered, birthday gift for my brother (long overdue), picking out our guest bedroom decor, shredding all that junk  paperwork I have never gotten around to, and many episodes of private practice/burn notice. Sunday a friend is returning home after an accelerated nursing program and her family is having a get together. So I will make the trek south to attend this and potentially another BBQ hosted by a different group of friends.

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. I love that dress, the print is so pretty! Your Saturday sounds pretty fun to me, shopping, cleaning out old stuff and delicious tv...perfection:)