Thursday, August 8, 2013


Why on earth would anyone in their right mind PAY to run 13.1 miles? Well this girl right here did, but the "right mind" part is questionable. I committed to run a half marathon with my SIL in October. Yup, that's 2 months away. Nope, I haven't been training. You can bet your sweet ass I am now!

I may or may not have eaten a donut while cooking dinner last night. And don't even feel bad about it!

Does anyone else feel like Netflix and Hulu don't have that many options? I was super duper excited to finally use my apple TV only to be disappointed in the TV series and movie options with these 2 streaming subscriptions. Word to the wise Netflix...step yo game up or this girl is cancelling as soon as I finish the most current season of Scandal!

Crop tops? I thought this was a 90s trend that would stay in the 90s?

Her body, I want. Her cropped top...not so much. Props to all you ladies out there that can pull this look off.
Being an adult is hard! I officially have our budget up and running and cant believe all the things we have to plan for. Retirement, vacations, emergencies. Blah! So instead of completely limiting our spending (because this girl would go cray cray) I give both of us an allowance. Back in 5th grade? Yup.
On that note, CHEERS to payday!
And that ends my mindless ramblings on this fine Thursday. I promise an OOTD post tomorrow as I begged my husband to take my pics.

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  1. Best of luck on the race dear! They are fun! Budgets are on our brain lot now because of the husband gone, this girl has gone super frugal (or at least trying to) ;)