Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back on Track

You can blame me, but I blame Comcast. The lack of Internet around here has been infuriating. Especially as I am trying to document all the amazing outfits I have worn to work lately! Not trying to pat myself on the back *pats self on back*, but I am typically a one to two day a week get ready kind of gal.

Lately I have been excited to get up and get ready. Maybe its the sunny days we have been experiencing here in Washington. Maybe its the steam coming off my Visa from excessive online shopping. Maybe its the dress code at my office, or lack thereof. Whatever you wanna call it, I enjoy rummaging through my closet for different ways to wear things and incorporate the new items I buy.

Unfortunately I am waaaay behind on uploading and editing my actual OOTDs. So to keep this little old blog updated with fashion related content, here are a few outfits I have put together of wants and must-haves.

 I love the softness of neutrals. I was never much of a girly girl growing up (blame my two older brothers) but now I love the feminine touch of lace and color schemes of nude, cream, and blush. Plus this statement necklace is to die for!
switching from delicate to edgy, some days you just want to throw on black. I love these leather leggings for a rocker piece then adding in the basic top to mellow them out some. these three bracelets makeup the perfect arm candy. And the detailing on the boots and purse add some glam.

 Out of all the outfits this is most my style. Or the one I want to throw on right now. graphic tees are so easy and these boyfriend jeans may be making an appearance in my closet real soon. The weather changes so dramatically around here I always carry some kind of cover up like this sweater. The oxford trend is something I want to join in right now!

I am extremely lucky to work at a company where the office atmosphere is casual. I can wear jeans one day and a dress with a vest the next. Wedges are my go to if you haven't figured that out and this color of skinnies is the only one not on my shelf.

Which outfit matches your personality? Happy hump day y'all. Hopefully the week is flying by for you as it seems to be for me!

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  1. oh my goodness, Colby. That first outfit is perfection. I would wear it in a second. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on my blog today. :) xo