Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My state's greater than yours

Washington is like California's little sister. Often overlooked when you think of the west coast, but I came up with a few gems that will put Cali in its place!
Whats not to love about the great state of Washington?! Besides the rain, other trademarks are the hippies and the immense amount of green you experience immediately. We eat healthy/organic, don't know what humidity is, and hold Canada up.

Yup, Seattle was the birthplace of this fine corporation. Its not a coincidence that this blog has lattes in the title. You can often find me enjoying a seasonal pumpkin spice during fall, or my staple of  hazelnut americano. Sbux, Tully's, Seattle's Best, we love our coffee up here. And we get bragging rights!

No way Jose. You don't ever, EVER, bust one of these out. True Washingtonians don't even own one. Look at it as one less purchase you have to make.

You like this guy??? You like this song...

Well both of those things came from the great state of Washington! Maybe the song wasn't actually recorded in WA but go with it. I actually share a birthday with this newcomer and while in college a friend dates him. Before he was a big deal, but that's my claim to fame!

Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob, the setting take place in rainy ol' Forks, WA. The high school scenes were actually shot in the neighboring town to mine. Now that the books and movies are complete I just don't know what to do with my life. ;)

You like your Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint? Well you can thank the great state of Washington Paul Allen and Bill Gates for those goodies. Along with Internet Explorer. I know my blog editing wouldn't go as cheaply fast or easy without PowerPoint and forget about it without Internet Explorer. I would thank them but I am sure they are perfectly happy with all their katrillionbillionmillions they have in the bank.

We may not have In-N-Out, but Dick's helped me sober up on many occasions in college. When in Seattle you must make a trip! Word on the street is Macklemore's next video features one. YUM

And that my friends is why Washington is amazing. You should probably come visit some time.
PS I may be a little biased...
PPS The formatting may look a little off as blogger is acting up for me right now.
What are a few things you are proud of about your state? Go on, brag!

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