Friday, September 13, 2013

Daily Routine

Cruising down the cosmetic or toiletries aisle of any place overwhelms me. What is worth my cold hard cash? Will it work? How do I apply it?  Here are a few products I use daily and can vouch for.

 1.) This shampoo was an impulse buy. If you hadn't noticed, in which case you must be blind, my hair is very fine. I look for anything to help pump up the volume. This shampoo seems to dry my hair out in a good way. I need a little extra coarseness when styling. I have never dyed my hair so this is one trick I will continue using.
2.) I lovvvvve the Rockaholic dry shampoo. I haven't had time to get my hands on any lately so I snagged this gem at Target one day. It works pretty well for the price. This is another volumizing item I pair with some teasing to work it in. It also helps me get through one extra day without washing my hair. Notice I said washing my hair. I shower daily. I promise I am not a stinky blogger in a corner!
3.) Recently my salon switched from Rusk products to Bumble and Bumble. I like how this product helps with my volume issue and doesn't add residue. I work it in (focusing on the roots) prior to blow drying and instantly notice a difference. A little goes a long way so for the price it lasts awhile.
4.) Makeup and I aren't friends I wish we were but we just don't seem to understand each other. I do the basics: mascara, eye shadow, and liner. I really want to play with lipstick but can't seem to pull the trigger. The BB cream is another impulse buy. Being a newbie, I wondered into Sephora and had them test my skin to suggest the right shade of products to purchase. This was an amazing experience. I immediately bought the product she tested on me after receiving my results. I love the light feeling of this cream and added bonus of SPF!
5.) This face wash was partly recommended to me by my esthetician. As I have pretty normal skin (I am very grateful for my skin) I only have minimal issues. The t-zone is were I notice the most pop-ups of our little friends called blackheads and pimples. After a recent facial she suggested getting a product with salicylic acid in it. It has helped keep my face clear of any minor problems I use to have.
What products do you use daily? Recommendations? Help with my lipstick problem?!!

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