Sunday, September 8, 2013

Deals and Steals #1

If you are like me, money doesn't grow on trees. I often don't post items on my blog I honestly wouldn't consider buying. Price is a big factor and I love a good bargain. Of course I covet those designer brands and do invest in a pair of jeans from Nordies from time to time. Jeans that fit are worth the investment in my opinion. Trendy items are not. I often buy things from Forever 21 (80% of my closet is from there), H&M or sites that frequently put things on sale. I feel like trends change so frequently I cant afford to buy everything. This brought about my new weekly challenge of "Deals and Steals". Putting together an outfit for $50 and under is the goal. I loved Lindsey's look and sought to add my spin. This skirt deal is completely credited to her and her savvy shopping ways.

This baseball like tee I actually purchased in red! I love the casualness of a t-shirt paired with a skirt. Who doesn't love a good twirling skirt? And this army green one looks amazing. Pair these two items with a chain necklace and some pumps and you have perfection in my book!
Tee= $8.95
Skirt = $17.99
Necklace = $5.99
Pumps = $16.00
Total = $48.93

Now get shopping!


  1. Okay that tee is fabulous!! Where is it from?? I've been looking for something sporty but that isn't going to kill my budget and under $10 is PERFECT!

  2. LOVE that army green skirt - might need to pick that up for myself!!